Global Village Radio

Hosts, Dr. Peter E. Matthews and Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith.

Soul Emergence Radio, a weekly live radio broadcast looks us straight in the eye and recognizes how bone-tired our soul becomes in the face of social injustice, racism and a dangerous and thieved ‘unfreedom’ we live. The program hosts, Peter E. Matthews and Susan K. Smith create a space where there’s no more pretending that we are dipping our toes in anymore. They know that we are up to our waist, in the wide of it. And it can start to wear on the soul. Their guests reach out to tap into our pain and our victory, challenging the places where we are broken and where we can find our greatest stronger selves.

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Global Village Radio is a radio community where there we feel the urgency of the soul. Join us to discover and embrace a reconciliation necessary for liberation.

GLOBAL VILLAGE is LIVE STREAMING on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET at TruthWorks Network. COMING in September.
For more information:
Email: TWN@truthworksnetwork.com
Web Site: www.truthworksnetwork.wordpress.com



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